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(does this song describe ed’s perfectly or what. lol)


Twilight Kills Good Music

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Has anyone else noticed how they always kill good bands by just putting their music in the movies? It bothers me ><

Last night my friends (well, one of the them kinda hates me for no reason but whatever lol) and I went to see Eclipse. And I hated it. But I pretty much hate everything Twilight so it was as expected haha. I remember when everyone started reading it and it was super popular so I was like “eh what the hell I’ll just read it cause everyone else is, it’s probably a good book anyway.” so I started reading it…and it sucked sooooo bad I physically could not finish it. I kept trying to convince myself it was “good” cause everyone loved it so much but I couldn’t even do that. Bad literature is bad.

Yeah…I liked Jasper though. I found him to be QUITE attractive, but that’s just me. And I have a strange taste in guys. lol.

Hotness >3<

I got these Annie’s bunny graham cookie things and they’re soooo good. I’ve been mixing them with dried pineapple and eating that as a snack for a couple days x) they’re whole wheat too :3 and also today I have to watch Clash of the Titans with my mom and brother at this outdoor movie thing near our house. It shouldn’t be that bad, I think it might even be a good movie. Hopefully 🙂

I really hope that my family and I end up going to the beach for the fourth of July. My mom was taking about it and I would much rather spend a day at the beach then doing some boring thing around home…plus pretty much all my friends will be out of town too >< I haven’t been to the beach in soooo long. I like it the best at night though for some reason…maybe I’m just weird lol.

I liked this song. Then Twilight killed it. WHY TWILIGHT. WHY.

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