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(does this song describe ed’s perfectly or what. lol)


I’m freeeeeeee

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I just finished all of my French. Like, I don’t have to worry about it or do anymore of it at all. I’m so happy. And my mom is done working too so pretty much everyone in my family is completely free! Well, of course my brother is considering all summer he’s been sleeping till 3 and playing 30248 hours of xbox…I’m pretty sure he hasn’t seen actual nature more than 2 days this summer…*sigh* anyway besides my hermit brother, my mom said that tomorrow were going to drive to the mountains. I have no idea if I should be excited about this or what..I’ve never been to the mountains that we’re going to go to so I guess I’ll just have to wait and see lol. And I just realized that school starts in 2 weeks. I’m sort of happy that I’ll be able to see some of my friends that I haven’t seen all summer but worried+scared about other relapse, lotsa work…more work +_+ it’ll all work out though. I have a pretty unhectic schedule compared to other people..the only outside of school thing I do is taekwondo and then I’ll probably go back to piano as well (I took a break over the summer…agh I’m gonna be horrible when I start up again hahahaha…) so I think it’ll be an ok school year. I just need to make sure I keep eating…I donno, it’s just so easy to lose weight during the school year (for me) and I know I shouldn’t even be worrying about that but still it feels like I should be…anyway I’m just going to make it my goal to make this school year not fail lol. I plan to make a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch today with my new whole wheat ‘white’ bread. Yay! It’ll (hopefully) actually look somewhat like an actual grilled cheese this time, hahaha. I also got greek yogurt, too. It’s pretty good, I probably should have gotten the vanilla flavor though D: it’s really..tart. lol. I tried to ‘sweeten’ it a little with some vanilla extract but it didn’t really work…damn. Oh well. If you eat it with fruit mixed in it tastes yummy :3 mom’s gonna be home any second now and then were headed out to go to this super cool record store, yay! I watched the Dorian Grey movie last was..interesting lol. I donno if I’d recommend it..I want to read the book though cause I’m sure it’s a lot better than the movie. Eh, Ben Barnes was in it so I guess it wasn’t all that bad haha. I bet everyone who reads my blog thinks I’m some crazy celebrity stalker person lol..don’t worry I’m not that creepy, still pretty creepy though x)



ps: I like this song —–> 12:51 by The Strokes

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