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(does this song describe ed’s perfectly or what. lol)


Pumpkin Addict

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I think I’m a pumpkin addict. lol. Pretty much all my breakfasts (well, most of them) include some sort of pumpkin. Eh, it’s yummy+healthy. Tonight I’m going to see the movie salt with some of my friends..hopefully it’ll be good. I hadn’t heard of it till like yesterday so I don’t really know what to expect of it. I got a lot of my french tests done this morning by doing them over the phone with my teacher x) I only have two left now..yay! And I typed up my project rough draft. Productive morning, I think yep..


Pelvic dance ftw. Hehe. I’m like super bored right now >3< I feel like I should be doing something productive right now…but I don’t really feel like it. Yay for being lazy! I’ll probably end up watching Eureka or whatever then wishing I had done my french instead..meh.


It kinda sucks cause school starts in less than a month now..but I’m sort of looking forward to it too. I’ll get to see my friends and do dumb stuff during lunch again haha. My friends and I are probably the most annoying+obnoxious kids at our school. Not to mention the weirdest, too, lol. I’m sorta pissed though..well, not really, but this is really stupid. Okay, so my grandma is like, mad at my uncle because she keeps bossing him and he won’t listen to her (he’s like, 40 and has a wife and kids. Of course he’s not gonna let his mom boss him around anymore..) so since she’s mad about that she won’t let us go to Colorado now. agh. Except my mom said we can go somewhere else instead..but it’s probably gonna end up being some lame place for like a day..

the kills-last day of magic

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