I can’t think of a title..being very uncreative at the moment..

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Life’s been okay so far. School’s good, might get bumped up to honors Algebra II if there’s room in the class. Apparently I actually am mildly decent at math lol. I signed up for just regular Algebra II in the first place cause math has always been my weak point. Hmm..anyway I spent like 2 hours today doing practice PSAT math problems cause I was bored. And I hate doing school work stuff. This really shows how bored I was lol! Eh, I got them all right and even had to guess on a few so I guess I won’t fail the PSAT? That’s good haha kinda worried about these big important tests..testing sucks!! School tomorrow..surprisingly barely any homework and I missed school last Thursday too, yay!

So my mom and I went to the hospital on Thursday (why I missed school…really didn’t want to) since someone told her that she should really bring me even though I don’t think it was really all that necessary to do right away..anyway we went and I had to wait like 5+ hours ugh it was awful! My mom even left me there alone and with crappy magazines for 2 of the hours! So yeah I waited..and waited..and waited..then my mom made us leave. ugh!!! ok so if I’ve already been waiting somewhere for 5+ hours no matter how much I don’t want to be there or to leave it will not go over well if you make me leave!! I could have gone to school and not wasted 5 hours of my life if she hadn’t made me go there argh it makes me so mad…anyway that’s over now lol guess I got a vacation from school? lol.

^lol love this

Bad body image lately too..I feel like I’m too fat now to wear any of my clothes so I’ve been wearing even shittier things now cause I feel those are the only things I don’t look “gross” in -_- wish I could just wear nice clothes without feeling like crap in them..

Yep. Well that’s my life so far..pretty boring. Hope whoever reads this is doing well 😉

i fell asleep on my arm-the aquabats <—-my brother showed me this song and I find it extremely hilarious for some strange reason..just felt I should share it on here lmao


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