summer’s almost over D:

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I’m sad about this. But sort of happy, considering this summer has been very boring and unproductive for me. I was talking to my friend Evan last night (who I haven’t talked to since summer started? This must change) and he said his summer sucked too. My friend K also agrees that this summer sucked for him as well. So I guess it was just an all around bad summer for us at least lol we’re not alone in crappy summers! Yeah..well I got my schedule and I have:

  • English II honors
  • Japanese II
  • Ceramics I
  • Algebra II
  • Honors Civics and Economics
  • Drawing and Painting I
  • Chemistry

Yep…I didn’t sign up for honors algebra or chemistry cause I suck at math and science stuff. Although I did have a consistent A last year in Geometry I’m not taking any chances, haha. Now whether I fail my classes or not actually matters lol. So far I don’t know if I have any friends in any of my classes or not )’: I posted my schedule on facebook to compare with them and my friend Evan has the same civics class+teacher as me but the period before me and my friend Vivian has the same class+teacher too but the class after me. Argh. At least we can pass by each other in the hallway..-_- oh, and I don’t have classes with K either. Hopefully there will be at least one friend in each class haha. And I’m so happy no gym! This is like the best schedule ever just because of that. No more being humiliated in front of everyone cause I suck so bad at every sport! And I’m not exaggerating, I literally suck at every sport. It’s quite sad. lol.

This morning for breakfast I had Fiber One caramel delight cereal. It was pretty good, first time trying it. Kinda like cinnamon toast crunch, haha. That’s one of the reasons I got it x) sort of like a ‘healthier alternative’ to it. I’m not really all that sure about that though cause I don’t know the cinnamon toast crunch nutrition facts but I’m gonna assume so. My mom’s making beignet’s for her and my brothers breakfast. If you don’t know what they are, they’re pretty much a New Orleans donut..except it doesn’t really look like a donut. More like a ball of dough that you put powdered sugar on and eat. I used to looooooove these as a kid but I haven’t had them in a while D: mostly ed related..I would love to have them again but I donno.

I got this from google images 😛 don’t they look so good?! Yummmmm. I tried a marzipan for the first time ever yesterday! My mom and I went to Southern Season and they had these adorable fruit+vegetable shaped marzipan’s there so I got an eggplant one! It was so adorable and yummy. I loved the almond flavor in it. I also got chocolate covered sunflower seeds which I devoured, haha. They were quite yum as well.

Well, I think I’m gonna do some exercises for a little bit (just some stuffs lol) and then shower and go out and act like a crazy person and scare not really haha but my mom wanted to go out somewhere so I’ll probably end up doing that. Have a nice day!




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