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Hello! I started school and it’s…okay I guess. Here’s my ‘school review’:

English II honors-No friends and a certain stuck up annoying person who shall remain unnamed is in my class. NOOOOOO. I had to be partners with him yesterday and each time I was about to say what I though was the answer he would talk over me and it turned out all his answers were wrong and mine were right! Ugh. But really, who wears DRESS PANTS and neon green CROCS?! Not cool, not cool at all.

Japanese II-Lotsa friends! I really really like this class. We’re getting a new teacher after next week cause our teacher from last year moved to Ohio or whatever. The new teacher’s actually going to be Japanese too so that’s kinda cool I guess. We have a sub till she gets here and the subs Japanese as well. I really like our sub a lot though! She’s funny and doesn’t take everything so seriously so that’s good.

Ceramics I-No friends really…but the class is pretty fun! I like it a lot. Besides the fact that I sit next to an uber creepy person I thin I will enjoy this class very much.

Algebra II-I has a friend in this class! I thought I had another one but it turns out she read her schedule wrong and went to the wrong class for the whole period! The class itself is okay..my teacher kinda freaks me out, lol.

Honors Civics+Economics-No friends )’: quite a few crummy people, actually. Our teacher is super cool though and I think this class will be bearable.

Drawing+Painting I-Love this class! I have a friend in it too. EXCEPT THE CREEPER’S IN IT TOO NOOOOO. Okay so there’s this super creepy guy who was in like 2 of my classes last year and is reaaaaaaaally really creepy like he asks me if he can have my jacket (wtf?!) and is like “I LIKE YOUR HAIR” all the time in a really creepy voice! Of course, the one class I was really really looking forward to and HE’S in it ><

Chemistry-I really should of taken Honors Chemistry. Agh. No friends and crummy people: Excerpt from yesterdays class when we were doing an experiment on how when you blow out a candle why when you touch the smoke with a lit match right after blowing it out it lights it without actually touching the wick:

Teacher: What is in the smoke that makes it flammable?

Girl in my class: …water?

Me: *facepalm*

(The answer’s carbon, btw.)

Yeah, so that’s my year so far (first 3 days lmao). I still hang out with my 3 best buddies from last year, as usual. I really wish I had classes with them, I don’t even have one! It’s so suckish. Maybe next year? lol. My friends younger sister is a Freshman now and I saw her for the first time in like a year on the first day of school and she was like “wow you look so different!” over and over haha. My eating has been okay I guess. I’ve been sorta skimping a little..I’m not really that comfortable eating at school like in front of people…it’s hard too cause one of my friends NEVER eats lunch like ever then brags about it and it makes me feel sorta guilty for eating? I donno. It’s better to be healthy than unhappy though, right? x)

Oh, and I discovered weheartit.com! For anyone who doesn’t know, it’s a super cool website with cool pictures on it that I guess lots of different people upload onto it? Not really sure but it has cool pictures nonetheless! Check it out 😉




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