Fun day!

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I had a very fun day today, yay! So first off it started kinda bleh cause I had to get up early to go with my mom to this school thing at the mall so we could find out stuff for my brother’s school. Of course, he was too lazy to come with us so he remained at home asleep, lol. After that we went home and I made a weird egg whites+tomato+potatoes+falafel brunch type meal mix. It was weird, but pretty good. Last night I had a super long fun conversation with my friend Vivian and we both decided that we should hang out today, so I called her and I ended up going over to her house for a couple hours and just hung out, facebook stalked (lol) and just did random stuff together. It was quite fun. Then we both went to a new Chinese restaurant for dinner that kinda sucked hahahaha but we had fun. The service was pretty terrible but the food was good so our experience wasn’t completely awful at least. We pretty much just ordered a bunch of mini dishes to share and they forgot two of them! They also took forever to do everything, so we ended up being there for like two hours -_- haha. We just laughed about it together though and ended the day having had a great time together! I also told my other friend that I would call her sometime this weekend about getting together..probably should have called her today…dammit lol. I haven’t seen this friend in months so I hope it won’t be awkward. I kind of doubt it will be thought cause the last time I saw her it had also been months but we were still just as good friends as before. She’s one of my very close friends so I’m glad that I’m going to see her pretty much right before the school year starts 🙂 According to Vivian she also doesn’t have many friends in her classes either so I guess we’ll be alone buddies together? lol. And Evan doesn’t either. I’m not alone!! Hahaha. At least we still have each other to act obnoxious with and bother upperclassman together during lunch still. Yes, we’re very cool kids x) it’s kind of sad..but I’m sort of feeling extremely self-conscious about going back to school because I feel sort of fat. Argh. I want to just get rid of these feelings and make myself realize that my body isn’t what makes people like me or accept me, it’s the person who I am that does those things. Anyone who judges someone based on how they look is very ignorant and I’m sure that there are very few ignorant people at my school. I hope. lol. I seriously need to work on my self-confidence. My mom is right: if you aren’t happy with yourself than you can’t expect people to feel any better towards you.

My mom is currently watching a black&white movie marathon. Hahaha…it’s kind of interesting…I’ve always liked really old movies but sometimes after five in a row you just start to get sort of sick of them, as you probably would any type of movie. I really want to bake something for some reason. I have no idea why. Maybe tomorrow I’ll see if we have like a mix or something I can alter (I like to alter recipes+mixes).




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