Art Museum and Schedules

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This morning my mom and I went to the art museum. They recently finished renovating it and my mom has really been wanting to see it for a while (she’s obsessed with art stuff. lol.) I had already seen it though with my dad a couple weeks ago but it was nice to go back, I brought my camera with me this time so I took lots of pictures. were allowed to take pictures (no one yelled at me for it at least..) but this old lady who kept walking by us kept saying really loud “YOU KNOW I DON’T THINK YOU CAN TAKE PICTURES IN HERE” to her husband but it’s not like I had the flash on and was like bothering anyone by taking pictures so I kept taking them lmao. It’s really modern looking now..kinda cool I sorta liked the old buildings ‘atmosphere’ a little better but it’s a nice change.

Some pictures I took…

I took A LOT more but since it takes about 3 minutes to upload each picture (that’s a veeeeery long time for me btw) I’m only gonna show you guys the coolest looking ones x) isn’t the sitting guy on the wall so cool though? I love it it had a poem written all over it..kinda awesome. In like, 10 minutes I have to go to my school and get my schedule. I’m pretty sure that I’m gonna get into all of the classes I chose..the only time that I haven’t gotten all of the classes I picked was once in eighth grade so yeah..everyone’s going with their friends but I’m just gonna hope I meet up with my friend K when I get there..he said that he was going around the same time as me so it’s all good haha. I don’t think it really matters if you go with friends though cause it’s just getting your schedule and it takes like 5 mins lol. I’m sorta sad+irritated with a lot of stuff right now..I don’t really want to go into detail about it cause it’s sorta complicated but it sucks. Yep..I’m gonna go get my mom to drive me to get my schedule now I guess..




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