Art Museum and Schedules

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This morning my mom and I went to the art museum. They recently finished renovating it and my mom has really been wanting to see it for a while (she’s obsessed with art stuff. lol.) I had already seen it though with my dad a couple weeks ago but it was nice to go back, I brought my camera with me this time so I took lots of pictures. were allowed to take pictures (no one yelled at me for it at least..) but this old lady who kept walking by us kept saying really loud “YOU KNOW I DON’T THINK YOU CAN TAKE PICTURES IN HERE” to her husband but it’s not like I had the flash on and was like bothering anyone by taking pictures so I kept taking them lmao. It’s really modern looking now..kinda cool I sorta liked the old buildings ‘atmosphere’ a little better but it’s a nice change.

Some pictures I took…

I took A LOT more but since it takes about 3 minutes to upload each picture (that’s a veeeeery long time for me btw) I’m only gonna show you guys the coolest looking ones x) isn’t the sitting guy on the wall so cool though? I love it it had a poem written all over it..kinda awesome. In like, 10 minutes I have to go to my school and get my schedule. I’m pretty sure that I’m gonna get into all of the classes I chose..the only time that I haven’t gotten all of the classes I picked was once in eighth grade so yeah..everyone’s going with their friends but I’m just gonna hope I meet up with my friend K when I get there..he said that he was going around the same time as me so it’s all good haha. I don’t think it really matters if you go with friends though cause it’s just getting your schedule and it takes like 5 mins lol. I’m sorta sad+irritated with a lot of stuff right now..I don’t really want to go into detail about it cause it’s sorta complicated but it sucks. Yep..I’m gonna go get my mom to drive me to get my schedule now I guess..




Art Museums and Blueberries

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½ c multigrain oats cooked in ½ c unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Topped with blueberries, chopped nectarine, ½ crumbled cinnamon roll larabar (1st one! so yummy), crumbled ginger snap cookies and sprinkled with cinnamon.


1 c kashi go lean cereal mixed in ½ c pumpkin puree and 1 tbsp maple syrup. Topped with blueberries and sprinkled with cinnamon.

Yesterday I spent the day at my dads house. It was kinda boring but whatever it always is…lol. We went to the art museum though! It was so awesome. They just finished up renovating it so it was all cool and modern looking >3< I loved it. Next time I go there (which better be soon!) I’m definitely bringing my sketchbook with me. Except I think they may have a rule against bringing sketchbooks? I’ll just bring it and if they yell at me stop sketching haha. I remember when we went to New York during spring break this year and went to MoMA. So cool! It’s sooooo huge compared to our puny art museum lol we went to the Tim Burton exhibit when we were there and saw some Monet paintings it was great. I really wish I could have taken pictures inside the Tim Burton exhibit though…they had the knives from Sweeney Todd and one of my friends is obsessed with that movie (as am I) so I wanted to show her that. And they had the Edward Scissorhands costume too! That’s one of my all time favorite movies ever. Yeah…so pretty much to sum it up MoMA is much cooler than our museum. lol. I wanna go back to New York so bad though I loved it there! Even though everything was ridiculously expensive x) and my ed kinda made my time there not as fun as it could have been ): next time we go I am definitely getting that frozen hot chocolate no matter what ed has to say about it…>:] muahahaha…

I’ve been eating these Nature’s Path poptarts a lot these past few days…last time we went to Whole Foods I picked out the wildberry açai flavor and it’s sooo yummy! I love them. Especially microwaved or toasted. Also much healthier than regular poptarts lol. I feel like I’ve been letting ed convince me to do things a lot more recently. I wanna do something about it but sometimes I’ll just do things without thinking about it and then realize that I’ve restricted or not gotten what Emily really wanted. Like, yesterday we had to go to this sandwich place for lunch and I got the veggie wrap on whole wheat and I was about to get cashews on it too (yes, this place was awesome enough to offer cashews on their sandwiches) but then I thought to myself “no, that’ll make it too fattening” wtf?! Cashews have good fats that are healthy for you! Just because they have fat in them period makes ed hate them but ed is wrong and I should have just gotten the damn cashews on it agh I feel like I’m gonna end up relapsing if I keep making these stupid decisions!

Oh and some good news! I’ve started not feeling as bloated after I eat lately. I’m so happy! I hate that feeling that your stomach has grown x90248934 after every time I eat something. That feeling was usually the cause of some of my past relapses cause I thought that I was gaining too much stomach flab or whatever and got scared into losing weight again…bleh. Anyway at the cookout we went to on Friday night it actually turned out okay! They had these veggie burgers, salad, and bread that I was comfortable eating so yeah it was good! Then afterwards we went to Weaver Street and they had a vegan chocolate cookie called “Emily’s vegan cookie” and I just had to get one! lol. It was pretty yummy except it tasted more like a ginger snap cookie than a chocolate cookie…weird…haha. Oh and you know how we have a gigantic box of blueberries? Well our neighbors just gave us another (slightly smaller) box of blueberries as a gift for watching their cat yesterday x) yeah so expect to see even more blueberries in my foods now…

Yes, I am in fact a cashew addict. We were out of cashews so I literally took some of my moms trail mix and picked out all of the cashews in it lol. I’ve been thinking lately about how ridiculous I used to be, food wise. Now when I think back I pretty much denied myself everything. There was a point when I wouldn’t even touch red (or purple…) lettuce cause I thought that there was sugar in it. So stupid! And even if it does have sugar in it, so what?! I just had some yummy mini cake things my grandma sent from Japan and they most definitely had sugar in them. Take that ed!! 

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