Hello, my name is Emily. I’m 15 years old and the purpose of this blog is pretty much just for me to write about my boring life >3< About me…I love art! Art is probably my biggest passion. Drawing, painting, sculpting, writing, film, photography…everything. Cartooning is one of my favorites, though. Manga and anime are some of my favorite past times. I’m also a huge nerd. Video games are awesome, my favorites are the Pokemon games and Kingdom Hearts…and some other games like Wario and Super Smash Bros.

I also do taekwondo, piano, and horseback riding. Yes, I’m currently only a white belt (seeing as I started only a couple weeks ago…) but I hope to progress a lot in the future. Health is also an extremely important aspect of my life.

My dreams for the future are to graduate high school with good grades, learn to speak fluent Japanese (I’m half Japanese half American btw) and fluent French, and to get accepted into an art college. I’m still not quite sure what I want to do exactly when I’m older so the type of art college is to be determined…



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  1. Thanks for the comment cutie and for introducing me to your blog. Even though I’m not blogging anymore it’s so lovely to have comments every now and again still:) I study French too, love it! Emm xox

  2. hi…i like your blog. We have a lot in common in fact. I’m recovering from anorexia(i hate this word), i’m half chinese, speak french fluently, draw mangas/animes a lot, i’m a perfectionist nerd lol(yes i play video games) and i’m 15 going 16!
    i’ll be reading(stalking) your blog!!


    • Wow, we really do have a lot in common! lol :3

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