I has a Yeti mug.

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Hello! I have a feeling today is going to be very boring. I may or may not go horseback riding later today…not really sure right now. I want to really bad though! I haven’t done it in forever and it’s one of my favorite things to do, and one of the few physical activity things I’m actually good at, haha. For breakfast this morning I had my cereal and 1 slice of toasted sesame Ezekiel bread spread with peanut butter and blueberry jelly. It was good. I wanted a pb&j really bad so yeah..lol. I got some raspberry green tea from this tea shop yesterday so I had a cup of that too. I had it in my new Yeti mug from Light Years that I got yesterday as well x)

So cute! Hahahaha. I also got some hair pins too. Light Years always has the coolest stuff. Last night we went to this restaurant Fosters for dinner. We were out and my brother kept complaining that he wanted to get dinner so we checked out the restaurants in the area that we were in and there was this grill that had like, lots of vegetarian+vegan options so I wanted to go there but my brother insisted we go to the Fosters place cause they had pizza there -_- so we went there. And pretty much all they had were burgers and pizza. Argh. No veggie burgers of course. Anyway, I decided to get the Asian style pizza but without the tuna on it (lol it was called Asian tuna pizza so my order sounded kinda weird). I sort of freaked out though cause I haven’t had an actual pizza with actual cheese on it in so long so I just ate like 1/4 of it…sometimes I feel like I’ve come sooooo far and I’m eating so many “normal” foods but then there are still times like these that just show me how abnormal I still am..I just want to be able to eat a freaking pizza like a normal teenager without panicking about it. I did eat some though 😛 oh and this is so fail. So I tried making my own froyo yesterday with Greek yogurt so I put it in the freezer overnight and I took it out this morning and it was frozen solid lmao. I put it in the fridge to keep it cold still but maybe “thaw” it a little hahahahaha it’s not really working…damn. Maybe if I leave it out a little it’ll be edible later lol.

I feel kind of bad about getting help now, like counseling and stuff. I donno..I know this sounds really stupid and weird but I sort of feel like I’m just wasting their time and even taking time away from other people who really need help and that I’m not bad enough off to need help. It’s kind of confusing but it makes me feel even more guilty and awful everyday…I feel too fat =_=




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