Laptop’s fixed!!

August 18, 2010 at 12:16 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments
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My laptop is finally fixed! I’m on it right now, hehe. This is like the first time I’ve gone on it all summer lol. I have no idea how I survived…my laptop=my life 😛 anyway, I have some pictures that I can finally upload now!

Last night+this nights dinner…

Spiced Eggplant Couscous

couscous mixed with baby spinach and chopped eggplant cooked in 1 tbsp olive oil

Some pictures of it in the cooking pot…

This was pretty good. I made it with the help of my vegan cookbook, hehe. It’s all gone now though )’: my mom said she liked it ^3^

I saw a different counselor person today, she was pretty nice. I hated that I had to be weighed though…I don’t like other people seeing how much I weigh, I’m really self-conscious about it for some reason and I think that people will judge me based on it. Argh. I just ate some berry flavored froyo, it was yummy! I love ice cream-ish foods, lol. I’m kinda pissed at my mom though. More irritated I guess. Every time we get into a fight she uses ip as a threat and it annoys me so much and makes me feel like a crazy person or something bleh I hate it…ever since going to the hospital she has to talk about it aaaaallll the time it’s like “if you don’t stop arguing with me I’m gonna call the hospital to take you away!!” and it sucks I would much rather just sit down and talk with her and reason with her but of course she just wants to argue and yell and complain all the time with me. She treats me like I’m some crazy fucked up person that needs to be in some crazy house locked up with padded walls and all that shit ugh. And she tells freaking everyone about my “problems” and then tells me she doesn’t and I feel really sort of like she’s invading my privacy lol but seriously it’s my problems if anyone knows about them it should be me who tells them not her. I’m ok with my family knowing but I haven’t even told any but one of my friends about my ed so of course I don’t want random people knowing too. I feel like all this stuff is just making it worse…I don’t even want counseling+help to be honest…

Dinner from a couple nights ago…

Amy’s tofu meal (forgot what it’s called :P), some Greek yogurt, broccoli, and 1 Gardein bbq skewer.

Yeah, I recall this being quite yummy. I just watched the movie The Thing (lmao) with my mom+brother. It was…bad. hahahaha. Well, what do you expect from a movie called The Thing anyway? Eh, it was fun to watch it with them. I also rented the movie Big Fish made by Tim Burton (!!!!) so I’m probably gonna watch that later. I feel kinda sick right now so I think I’m gonna end this and make some tea..hope whoever reads this is having or had a nice day!





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  1. wow. even my mom used ip as a threat a couple of times. its so annoying. and i’m dreading PE when school starts because we’re gonna have to be weighed…and a lot of girls will be peaking…ugh..i’m gona get triggered.

  2. Hello, new to this blog! 🙂 Yumm to the eggplant couscous… hello chef!!! Sorry to hear about your struggles with your mom 😛 Maybe try writing her a letter explaining everything how you feel so you can get it all out without any interruptions. Don’t give up!!

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