change of plans…again.

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Hello! It’s tax free weekend for those of you who don’t know so go out and by lots of stuff! lol. My mom wants us to get school stuff later..I don’t really know if I need anything though cause I have pencils+pens+crappy binder. Well, I might have to get a new binder actually..anyway yesterday I saw the Karate Kid with Jackie Chan and whoever the kid was in it lol it was pretty good. The kid was so cute ^3^ maybe if I get really good at taekwondo I can be like Jackie Chan haha no that most likely will never happen lmao. Were not going to Colorado also -_- agh I’m so tired of everyone switching up our plans! I feel kinda bad for my grandma though, she’s fighting with my uncle and she’s kinda depressed..I want to go there to keep her company and maybe try to make her feel better but she just doesn’t want anyone visiting her now. I guess it’s better to just respect what she wants but I don’t want her to be depressed..we might see her during the winter though, I don’t really know for sure. Since our Colorado plans are off my mom and I were talking about what we should do instead. I randomly suggested New York thinking she wouldn’t even consider it but she’s actually considering it..o.o yay! Since now we know what to do and what not to do there (lol) I think we would have a better time than the last time we went. Definitely no empire state building this time hahaha biggest ripoff ever lol. I want to go to the met and this cute little Japanese bookstore there. The bookstore was so awesome, they even had an adorable little bakery with Japanese desserts in it too! our options are pretty much go to the mountains or (possibly) NY and maybe visiting our uncle+cousins in San Diego. family tends to change plans+make vacation plans like, the day before we go. lol. I just hope we end up doing something at least. I love traveling >3<

I really want to see that movie the other guys with Will Ferrel in it >< I’m a sucker for really stupid+funny movies lol. Dumb&Dumber is like, one of my all time favorite movies. My friend Katherine and I will watch all those movies together and be cracking up and our other friend will just be sitting there commenting on how bad the movie is hahaha. Oh well, I like my horrible sense of humor x) I’m watching a house episode now about a blogger o.o I’m scared lol. Yep..well that’s all I have to say..happy Saturday everyone!




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