Non vegan foods and Nanaimo bars

August 5, 2010 at 8:53 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments
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Yesterday for dinner I willingly had cheese.

Whole Wheat Macaroni and Feta Cheese

Whole wheat macaroni pasta with melted reduced fat feta cheese mixed with baby spinach, sprouts, and boiled mushrooms.

It was pretty good..first time having actual mac and cheese in forever haha. I liked it with all the veggies mixed in. A couple days ago I tried So Delicious coconut water mango sorbet. It was really yummy, I recommend it ^3^ I had my first counseling ‘session’ today. It went pretty well, she pretty much just asked a bunch of questions about myself. She recommended that I take calcium supplements and start seeing a nutritionist. I told her about when and why my ed started..all that stuff. Oh! And last night I had to make a French+Canadian dish for my a project and I made Nanaimo bars!

(Please ignore how ugly they look. It was my first time making them.)

Surprisingly, they actually tasted pretty good. Thank god it’s an online class and my teacher doesn’t have to actually taste them, though! If they had turned out as bad as they look (lol) I would have been screwed. I do have to send her these pictures of them though…damn.

I want to try to make a pumpkin sorbet..I looked at the ingredients on the mango sorbet I had last night and it’s pretty much just mango puree and coconut water, with some fruit juices and gums, etc. Sounds like it’d be pretty easy to make.

Yesterday’s Lunch:

Tofu and veggie sandwich on toasted sesame Ezekiel bread. Some boiled baby carrots and mushrooms on the side.

Thanks to a trip to fresh market yesterday, I’m fully stocked on my veggies and now have tofu. I also got a crapload of fruits, too. And cashews. Of course. I had forgotten to get almond milk though so I had to get it from Harris Teeter (ick). I wanted to get more zevia too but hey only had the Jone’s diet soda -_- I got the vanilla bean flavor..I hope it’s good, haha. Today for lunch I had a grilled cheese sandwich!! Another first. I used a little smart balance on it, I got it last night for the Nanaimo bars cause the recipe called for butter and it was the ‘healthiest’ one and just today found out it’s not even actually butter, and vegan! lol.Well, I have to go actually turn in some French assignments before I run out of time (tomorrow’s the last day! Yikes!!) so have a great Thursday everyone!





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  1. wow! nice going non-vegan! the pasta/salad looks totally amazing and those bars look to die for. yummaaaay…. 🙂

  2. mmm That sounds amazing!

    Cashews are my FAVORITE nut

    Dana xo

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