Hospitals SUCK.

August 3, 2010 at 5:48 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

It’s true. I just got back from the hospital not long ago due to some self harm and ed related issues..ugh. I was so close to having to go into an inpatient program, thank god I didn’t. Honestly, I think something like that would make things worse for me rather than better. I do have to start some counseling a couple times a week..I’m okay with it though. I felt so bad in the hospital the whole time, like I wasn’t really sick and was just taking up room. There were so many people in there who had gotten so badly injured or had gotten so sick and here I was making myself sick and hurt. I feel like such a stupid person -_- anyway, breakfast in the hospital was a nightmare. They gave me scrambled eggs with potatoes and cheese on top. Then on the side a cinnamon bun. Yuck. My mom made me eat it all >< so many fear foods…it wasn’t even that good feeling to “conquer” them cause I didn’t even want to eat them in the first place..jeez and I thought that hospitals would have healthy foods at least. Well, aside from my horrible Monday night and this morning, I’m back home now. Yep, that’s all.




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  1. In all honesty, I wished I was in your hospital when I was IP! Cheese and potatoes on top of scrambled eggs??? Wow! Our hospital offered ”egg” too but it was spongy…and when it came to cinnamon bun, they only gave HALF! Wtf…!!
    Beside, you know that that attitude towards the hospital food being not so healthy is very EDish, so try your best to conquer it. You’re not dead, right? Breathe, relax. Everything is allright 🙂

    Your mom doesn’t sound so mean, mine wouldn’t have gave a damn if I didn’t ate the food.


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