Happy August!

August 2, 2010 at 3:17 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments
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It’s August! Woooo…anyway yesterday I saw the movie Salt with my friend Vivian. It was actually pretty good. Very action-y, lol. I just did some français stuff too. It’s my last week of the class! I’m so happy haha. Pretty much I did a years worth of French in 2 months :3 it sounds like a lot but it was actually a lot easier I thought..online classes are awesome. lol. I haven’t seen some friend of mine that I used to be super closed to in a reaaaaaally long time and I’ve been missing them a lot recently..we got to different schools now though (high school. Of course I had to be the only one to go to a different school..bleh) so it’s sorta like..awkward now if that makes sense. I have seen them a couple times this year though and we still have fun together so I guess it’s okay.

I like his hair >3< and his cool nose tape thing. lol. I have a purple mask that I got a couple months ago sort of like that..it’s like a medical mask and it’s dark purple and has safety pins on it. It looks quite bad ass, hahaha.

My mom still hates me -_- I hate getting into fights with her. She gets mad over every little thing I do and then goes on and on about it for like, weeks. Ma mère est crazy. lol. Hmm…well yesterday I got high fructose corn syrup free raisin bran from Whole Food’s. Yay! I though raisin bran was supposed to be a ‘healthy’ cereal though so I have no idea why it even has hfc syrup in it…I also got a pack of orange zevia. I used to avoid diet soda’s all the time cause of all the gross processed crap in them but zevia isn’t really that bad. I can pronounce all the ingredients (lol) so I think it’s fine. Oh..and I’ve just been putting random pics of things in my posts cause I can’t upload pics from my camera onto the home computer and it makes the posts look a little more exciting, haha. I also tend to forget to take pics of my food too until I finish eating it…^^’

I’m eating cashews right now..they’re yummy :3 it’s kind of sad haha I’ll tell myself one day that I’m gonna take a break from eating them (I eat soooo many cashews) but then the next day I’ll like suffer from cashew withdrawal symptoms lmao. My dad’s planning to go on a trip to Poland and Italy..which means he’s gonna leave my step mom to take care of 2 toddlers and my step brother by herself =_= he told me he “needs a break”. From what? Online poker? He’s a strange person sometimes…





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  1. Your mother does not hate you, she loves you and only wants what is best for you! Sorry you are having a rough time with her.
    And AHHH! I love Zevia!

  2. hey girl! thanks for commenting on my recent post! haha, I really love cashews, too! I agree they´re quite addicting, there´s something about that velvety texture I think 🙂 one of nature´s perfect food!

    enjoy your day!
    xoxo mel

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