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Today I had my first non vegan baked good! Major challenge. It was really yummy and I tried as hard to not feel guilty or even think about it afterwards (except for how good it was). My dad took us to this random festival thing and my bro and I both got strawberry+pina colada smoothies. It was sooo good. Then we walked around some more and found a german dessert stand! So my bro and dad got chocolate covered pretzels and I got a coconut chocolate macaroon :3 I even tried a bite of my dads pretzel, I’m so happy. It helped to see lots of people walking around the festival eating like, funnel cakes completely covered with powdered sugar so I felt normal like all of them, hehe. This morning my mom got so mad at my bro and me..I still don’t even know why, so I’m sort of scared of what she’s gonna be like when she gets home..sometimes I think she just gets really stressed out and takes it out on us..which is actually pretty much what most likely happens each time she yells at us for 3+ hours.

Anyway, today we went to the museum of natural science with my dad. It was pretty cool, they have pieces of meteorites and dinosaur bones. So was my day. Last night we went to see Prince of Persia with our friend Ian. It was kind of terrible lol but we had fun. Ian got a whole pound of pretzels at weaver street and a root beer that looked like beer so looked interesting hahaha. Jake Gyllenhaal was quite attractive in it, I thought. He looked like Jared Leto, therefore he’s attractive. I loved him in Donnie Darko :3 one of my favorite movies. Except Frank was much cooler than Donnie.

Jared Leto ♥ I would recommend Requiem for a Dream..but it’s sorta kinda extremely unless you like really sad movies don’t watch it haha. It’s kind of disturbing too..actually really disturbing lol. Watch Fight Club though. He’s in it except has blond hair x) it looks weird but whatever he’s still in it haha.


Emily ♥



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  1. Hey! I just found your blog and think it’s really great 🙂 Are you coming out of veganism? If so, that must be really hard. I’m not even fully vegetarian but would definitely have trouble even drinking real milk. But challenges are always worth it! 🙂

    • Yes, I went vegan for a while (mostly out of fear for eating dairy products) and I’m trying to get past that fear now. It is really hard, but you’re right, challenges are definitely worth it :3

  2. I hate it when parents take it out on us…my dad just did on me for not greeting him when he came back home, and I feel horrible. But at the same time, who else will love us so unconditionally, right? Our parents are humans too…

    Great that you tried a non-vegan dessert! Keep on branching out and trying new things! 🙂

  3. so proud of you!!!!!!!!! that sounds like it was really fun. 🙂

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