July 30, 2010 at 11:33 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

I feel like I shouldn’t even tell my mom anything anymore..for the past few days my stomach has been crap and I’ve just been feeling crummy in general so I told her about it and she went on this whole rant about how I’m so abnormal and I’m ruining the family and apparently me feeling bad is me taking out all my negativity on the family..I feel really bad now and that by telling her that I don’t feel well I’m doing something wrong so I should keep everything to myself, which I’m probably gonna do. I hate it when she gets mad at me and yells at me over the stupidest things..and it’s not even my fault but I think it is. I don’t feel like eating either..psh I doubt she’d even care if I went a month without food. But of course if my brother even misses a meal she gets worried and tries to shove food down his throat. It makes me feel like I’m so unimportant and that I don’t even deserve to be cared about..these past few days I’ve been totally letting ed take control because I feel so sick and honestly I don’t even care anymore. Well, this was a negative post. Hmm..happy thing! We’re actually going to Colorado after all. It turns out that my other uncle is going too and had already gotten his tickets and was like “no, we got our tickets. We’re going” to my grandma and she was just like “okay” so yeah lol. Two weeks now! *_*





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  1. i’m sorry baby. i don’t know what’s best in your situation, but all i’ve found from my experience is that honesty is always best, especially when concerning an ed. i don’t know… i hope it turns out okay, and you are not to blame at all! like cancer or anything else, you didn’t choose this. unlike other diseases, you can choose to get better, and you are. ❤

  2. Holy shit, I think I could’ve write this thing myself. my mom is the same.

    -”You’ve ruined our lives, look at how much trouble you’ve caused, everything is your fault, everything you eat just turns to poo and blabla, you eat sooo much I can’t pay for all, you are such a mess, blablabla…STOP EATING!! LEAVE SOME FOOD FOR US, blablabla”

    Then my sister won’t eat her supper and my mom will all be like: ”Oh, poor darling, let’s get you some McDonalds…what, you don’t want it? How about some chips? Or some Mccain pie? Oh, wait, I have croissant! No? OMG what can I doooooo??? My poor darling won’t eat anything, boohooo…”, lol…

    I could write a blog post everyday about how my mom is unsupportive but I think it would be no use, since she won’t listen and all I would get would be comments about how it’s going to be ok. So I just suck it up and move on. Sometimes, I tell my mom to go to hell and then we would get into a big fight, so I try to keep my mouth shut, haha.


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