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Yes, I am procrastinating on my french work. Cause I’m unproductive like that. Anyway, my stomach really hurts…and it feels super bloated too..bleh. I made like two cups of tea to see if it would make it feel better but it didn’t. On the bright side I got a lotta french done. My project is pretty much finished except for the actually typing it out part, but I’m a fast typer so I’ll probably be done in no time. I hate how most famous people are like, stick thin. Actors+actresses should be healthy looking I think…it really sends a bad message to everyone..I remember I was watching doctor who yesterday with my bro (lol) and the woman on it is like, healthy!! Which I though was pretty awesome.


If more people strived to look healthy and beautiful like this then there would much less ed problems in the world, I think. Look, is she scarily underweight? No. Is she gorgeous? Yes. Is she at a healthy weight (like more of a 22 or 23 bmi)? Yes. See?! People are much more pretty and healthy looking when they have some meat on their bones (which everyone is meant to in the first place..especially woman if your looking to be capable of carrying a child). Whoever was the person to plant the idea in everyone’s head that skinny=pretty sucks. Weight loss will not cure all of your problems and self confidence issues. Accepting the fact that you are beautiful just he way you are and trying to be more confident about yourself will cure your self-esteem issues. It truly is what’s inside that matters most. When I first heard this I was like “psh, yeah right. How can I love how I am if I’m so fat and ugly now?” (not true at all, btw) but it really is true. I know for a fact that all losing weight did for me was cause numerous health issues, turn me into a hermit, and pretty much ruin my life. I haven’t even truly laughed in a year. I used to feel so happy when I it’s just empty. Okay, that sounded really depressing..but it’s true! Sorry about this rant lol but I really want people to understand this. The only people who should be even worrying about weight loss are those that are significantly overweight and the fact that they are overweight is causing health issues. And if that’s the case, they should really consult with a professional doctor about how they should go about their weight loss and check in with a doctor very often throughout their weight loss. I feel sort of like a hypocrite for saying all of this and then feeling so self-conscious all the time about my weight..but it’s not like I’m not trying to be more confident..everyday I try my hardest to block out all the negative feelings and focus on the positive things. Even if sometimes it doesn’t really work..I at least still try. I feel like I should always help others with their confidence issues, though. If someone asks me something related to that I’ll always tell them that they are beautiful. And when I say that, I really mean it. Whenever I see someone for the first time, the first thing that comes to my mind is how unique and beautiful this person is. I never view anyone as “ugly”. Well, except for myself…no one should feel this way because they don’t fit a particular image, though. Just because one person doesn’t look like another person, are you going to hate that person because of that? Of course not. People can be so ridiculous sometimes…


Just another picture I thought was a good example of what healthy+beautiful should really look like..

Be happy!!



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  1. I agree…actually the majority of people are in a stable weight…yet more people think they are “fat” and “ugly” than they should. Media plays a big role in it, because we see these beautiful people everyday and think we oughta look like them too.

  2. Such a great and nessasary post, this was instantly bookmarked under my file, when ED comes to bite, look at these links! Haha šŸ™‚ have a great day!

    • I’m so glad you liked what I wrote x) have a great day too!!

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