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Update! Last night I saw Inception. It was awesome. Although it would have been a little better if Leonardo DiCaprio looked like he did in Titanic…hehe. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was quite attractive in it though so I guess that makes up for Leo’s oldness lol. This morning I had a normal people breakfast! In other words, I had cereal. Like, just a bowl of cereal (with soy milk but whatever). I didn’t take a picture of it cause it was just cereal and I don’t think you guys really wanna see a boring breakfast like that haha.


Epic no gravity fight scene ftw! I wanna watch 500 Days of Summer again now…>3< that movie is also pretty good too, in case anyone wants to watch it. Oh, and the air conditioner in my house is broken. So right now it’s like 28349 degrees and it sucks. A lot. But I has a fan like right next to me right now (lol) so I’m okay until the air conditioner fixer guy comes…in like 5 hours -_- everything we own is like failing lol my mom accidentally backed our car into another persons car so the back is like totaled and we have to use a rental car until it’s fixed and now the ac’s broken too! Wonderful, haha.


Smexy picture! lol. Yeah…well I has 3 more weeks till we go to Colorado, and 2 more till we go to the mountains. Yaaaaay I love traveling ^3^ and I’m so sick of our house right now haha.


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