Intuitive Eating

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Hello! I’m watching House and eating popchips right now. I’ve been wanting to try these for so long and I finally found them at fresh market yesterday! It was quite exciting. I’m definitely getting them again, so good >3< I also found cinnamon raisin pb from pb&co too. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m sure it’s gonna be yummy. Yesterday my friend Anna came over and we went to the pool and watched House and Bones together afterwords, lol. During the episodes though there were all these smoothie commercials so eventually we were just like “lets go get smoothies!” if I was still really into my ed I probably would have not even gotten one (it was so random..haha) but I got one! And it was nummy, hehe. I love being spontaneous and doing “normal” things like randomly getting smoothies…I’m starting to feel more like a normal teenager!

1/2 c multigrain oats cooked in water and mixed with 1/2 c pumpkin puree. Seasoned with 1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice. Topped with blackberries and unsweetened coconut flakes. Sprinkled with cinnamon.

I’m trying to eat intuitively. Or more rather, how people should eat. People don’t naturally have a set number in their head that they have to eat to and by no means should pass that number. People should eat when they’re hungry and eat what they want to eat. Forget about calories! Only your body knows what it wants and you just have to do what it wants! Be kind to your body!! Even if that means going over your “calorie limit”, then that probably just means you just need more calories than you think. I feel so much more free when I eat intuitively, which is what I should feel all the time! I don’t need to be a prisoner of the calories in every food I eat, I deserve to give my body what it tells me to give it.

My mom is hosting a party till 9 tonight so I have to hang out with my brother for like 4 hours -_- bleh. We’re gonna have pizza for dinner though! He’s gonna have an Amy’s cheese pizza and I’m gonna have the vegan roasted vegetables pizza. I’ve had it before and it’s sooooo good. Try it!! lol. One of my friends is being kind of annoying..okay so I told her that I was feeling kind of lonely and down lately (which I have..) and so instead of being a good friend and maybe offering to hang out or whatever she just ignores me for like 2 weeks and then she talks to my friend Anna and is like “I think Emily’s sad” and now I’m sorta annoyed cause seriously why would you say that when you’ve been ignoring me for 2 weeks and have to nerve to bring it up ughhh this stuff bothers me…I’m not really mad at her or anything I just d0n’t really get her sometimes…I feel like she’s purposely ignoring me and then talking about how stupid I’m being and laughing about me behind my back..or maybe I’m just being paranoid lol. She’s really self centered seriously. She’ll always tell me about her problems and I’ll always give her advice and try to help her out but then when I have a problem and go to her (which I probably won’t do again…) she’ll just be like “awww” and then completely changes the subject and I’ll feel like she doesn’t care about me at all and that I’m worthless to everyone and no one really cares how I feel. I feel like that with my mom too she’s always asking my bro how he’s doing and just laughs when he fudges something up (which is a lot) and then she never talks to me and if I even say one thing to her she gets really mad for no reason and starts yelling at me for like an hour. I feel like no one loves me and that I have no actual friends sometimes…I’m almost convinced that all the friends I have just feel bad for me and that’s the only reason they put effort into still having a friendship with me…and I know for a fact that my dad doesn’t even give a s*** about my bro and me. My parents are divorced and he has like a whole different family now and new kids so were just like his past now..the only reason we still see him (like twice a month lol) is cause they made it an agreement in court that we would still see him when they got a divorce..ugh enough being depressing now lol.


My friends K and I are so lucky right now..they’re going to comic con in California right now! I’m so jealous haha. In case you guys don’t know, I’m a huge nerd and in fact go to nerd conventions…laugh all you want but I’m proud! lol. I’m not that crazy though..don’t worry x) K said that he would get me something (awww) so I’m really happy about that 🙂 I guess K cares about me..haha. We’ve been friends since 3rd grade and when we were little we always “fought” with each other but secretly had little kid crushes on each other xD now were just really good friends though. Next year my mom said that if we plan we might be able to stay with our uncle (he lives in California) and go to the con with K and I omg that would be so awesome! Well I’m gonna continue to watch random House episodes and be crummy…salut!




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