Multicolored Trays are Awesome

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“Peace begins with a smile.”

I’ve been thinking today, about how a lot of people tend not to live in the present, and how I don’t always live in the present either. Instead of dwelling on what you could have done yesterday, we should dwell on what we can do today. If we don’t pay attention to our lives while they’re happening, we could end up missing out on everything!

Multigrain oats cooked in vanilla almond milk and a bit of vanilla extract. Topped with 1/4 crumbled pumpkin muffin, blueberries, and a sprinkling of cinnamon.

We went to Whole Foods yesterday and I got a huge box of blueberries so expect to see a lot of blueberries in my upcoming breakfasts. lol. The pumpkin muffin made this absolutely delicious, of course. As did the cinnamon.

Mommy’s Breakfast

Multigrain oats cooked in vanilla almond milk and vanilla extract. Topped with blueberries, peaches, and almonds. Sprinkled with lotsa cinnamon.

I promised my mommy breakfast this morning, so I made her a delicious fruit based oatmeal! She said that it was really good and wants me to make her breakfast again next morning haha.

Why pictures of multicolored trays, you ask? Cause this is what I was doing this morning! lol. For three hours I painted trays at my moms studio cause before they were all plain and yucky looking. Each one needed about 3 layers of paint to totally cover them so it was a little bit of work. I think they turned out pretty good, though.


2 whole wheat pitas. 1 spread with raspberry jam and the other with hummus and topped with some veggies.

On the side an almond and dried papaya mix.

I ended up swapping the dried papaya for more almonds in the end. It didn’t really taste all that great lol. But omigosh those almonds are so addicting. I had to stop myself from eating all of them haha. And I think raspberry jam on pita bread is my new favorite food. So good >3<

To be truly healthy, you need to focus on both body and mind. I think that many people forget this and only focus on the physical aspect of themselves. We need to realize that it’s not just the outside that matters. In fact, the inside may be the most important, I believe. I know, this sounds really cliche, but so many people in our society today only care about the latest diets and weight loss tips so that they will look “pretty” from using them. I hate that stuff so much! It’s almost like every other commercial is about some crazy weight loss plan or pill and all the magazines feature them too. Being physically attractive is not the most important thing in the world and shouldn’t be something you spend your whole life trying to achieve, people!



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  1. Lol, what are you gonna do with those trays? They are pretty, though!

    I loved what you said abt living in the NOW, and paying attention to our mental health, too. True health comes from enjoying the present, and nourishing both the mind and the body.

    • They’re for my moms art studio, I think she’s planning to use them to hold her paints 🙂 Thank you!!

  2. beautiful. i especially love the idea of living in the present, so true!

  3. I love sunflowers & the quote is so wonderful 🙂

    Dana xo

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