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Cinnamon Vanilla Apple Oats

Multigrain oats soaked in vanilla almond milk with maple syrup and 1/4 apple mixed in. Topped with a glob of almond butter and sprinkled with cinnamon.

I nuked this for 30 seconds in the microwave in hopes of the apple chunks becoming more “baked” like. It didn’t really work…but it made my oats nice and warm so I guess it was okay x) I apologize for my messy bed being the backdrop of this picture haha.


Whole wheat bagel sprinkled with cinnamon along with 6 soy nuggets.

And some green beans.

Unfortunately, I’m still sick. I had to stay home instead of going to the studio today, leaving my poor mommy to fend for herself against crazy 5 year old’s. I’m planning to go tomorrow though, since I’ve felt like I’ve been getting progressively better throughout the day. I got a head start on my newest French lessons so I’m feeling good about that. Last week was a disaster. I couldn’t access any of it until the absolute last minute that all of my work was due, and by some strange cause, I was able to finish it all? Awesome! Last night my friend K came over. He was bored of hanging around at pottery stores with his grandma all of yesterday (lol) so he decided to come over to our house. We pretty much just talked about stuff for a couple hours and played video games. I say it was a pretty well spent Sunday night 🙂 since I’m starting to feel better, I keep wanting to exercise. Damn. I can’t help it though, it’s just that after not being able to exercise for 3 days I feel so lazy! So far I’ve just been telling myself that if I do and end up not getting better from it, then I won’t even be able to go to taekwondo tomorrow. It’s good to take a rest though, right? All of the “normal” people I know just rest when they’re sick, so I shouldn’t be worrying about this. Okay, enough pointless worrying. lol.

I was talking to my mom last last night, and she said something that kind of bothered me. I asked her if she thought it was normal to refuse going out to see friends because there might be junk food there, and she said yes. I was shocked. I thought for sure she was going to say that that’s completely ridiculous, and no one should do that (which I strongly think, myself!) she then told me that she used to do that when she was my age. I keep getting these suspicions that my mom may have had an eating disorder herself when she was younger. I remember her telling me that she was “way too thin” during her high school years. I’ve heard in various places that eating disorders are sometimes genetic, so maybe that’s why I got one? I slightly doubt it though. I feel that mine just sort of developed worse and worse overtime. Like, it started with a simple, harmless diet and turned into a full blown eating disorder as I continued to diet. I would keep restricting things one after another until I was left with barely anything to live off of, along with excessive exercising to the point that it was painful and I was in tears because of it. I remember the first day I started to eat “normally” and cut down my exercising drastically. I felt like I had been let out of a cage. I felt like I was finally free! It was such a great feeling. People need to appreciate how free we truly are. Sure, there may be some things aren’t all that “free” out in the world, but even small things like being able to eat a muffin cause you feel like it needs to be appreciated!

I also hate how people always make it seem like overweight people should be shunned and made fun of. Or how people always assume that because someone is slightly larger than normal, that they must be ugly. So, so, so not true. I have a friend who is quite overweight herself, and she’s absolutely stunning. I am actually quite envious of her looks, to be honest. This goes to show that it doesn’t matter what number you are on a scale. People should never be judged by such a number. It gives girls sicknesses and makes people feel self-conscious about themselves, leading them to not love themselves. I believe that everyone should learn to truly love themselves. I know, I’m not the best person to be saying this (having struggled with self image since 4th grade…) but I’m trying! You are who you are, and that will never change! Be proud!!



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  1. I can relate to this post a lot as well. Sometimes our parents dont have the most balanced attituted towards food as well. I remember my mom telling me I looked fine when I was WAYYY to tiny for my frame. She use to tell me that exercise was SUPER healthy and that I ate great.(aka SALADS and water) you can imagine how hard it is to try to recover when your mom is telling you this.. UGH she didnt know any better though, I dont blame her!!

    Anyway, trust your instincts thats what will guide you! You know how you were expecting her to say ‘it was NOT NORMAL’. Well that because you knew the answer in your heart you were just looking for re assurance. For the record it totally ISNT normal to avoid situations because of junk food. That is a huge read flag for disordered eating. in my opinion..

    I know some people that arent ‘skinny’ and they are soo beautiful! Seriously I think they should be on run ways and on the cover of fashion magazines. I cant wait until everyones body is celebrated not just ONE specific type.

    Keep up the great work girl ❤

    Dana xo

    • My mom would sort of the same thing, too ): she would always compliment me on my “willpower” and she would even encourage me that doing 6 hours of exercise a day was good! What??!! lol. It is hard for other people to really understand though, and see that there IS a point where doing “healthy” things can become a problem!
      Thanks you 🙂

  2. Hmm, I think you should first ask yourself why you asked your mom this when you already knew the answer. I know, I know: the old ED reassurance thing…it’s such a hard thing to break from. My mom is the worst trigger so I learnt to not ask/tell her anything about ED and work on my self-consciousness. 😉

    I also agree on the fact that overweight people can be beautiful. One of my friend is overweight because of a disease but she’s just so wise and kind. She has a lot of friends and is very popular, so the old ”all the popular girls are thins” cliche is just so not true.

    p.s: I loved your idea of marshmallows, but how about marshmallows SNOW and chocolate syrup RAIN? 😉

    • Yeah, that was actually why I asked her now that I think about it ^^; sometimes I just can’t help asking these things though, you know? I should probably stop asking my mom about this stuff, too. I’m worried that she still thinks that it was “normal” to be that way and I REALLY don’t want to get sucked back into my old habits because of anything she might tell me ><

      ps: Omigosh. That would be epic. And then donuts could be hail! lol xD (yes, I know they don't resemble hail in anyway…but I like donuts…hehe)

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