I’m sick! Dammit!

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**This is actually yesterdays post. I couldn’t get on a computer last night so I was not able to post this. Hope you don’t mind a double post, sorry!


Kashi Go Lean! Crunch with almond milk. Topped with chopped strawberries, 1/2 sliced banana, and a handful of raw almonds.

It was quite enjoyable. I ate it in the comfort of my bed, hence my sick state. I usually don’t eat in my bed, but today was an exception. I was thinking of topping it with almond butter at first, but then realized that almond butter+almond milk probably wouldn’t taste all that great…so I settled for actual almonds, in almond form.


First restaurant food picture! Wooo! We went to Ted’s Montana Grill and I ordered a veggie burger on a whole wheat bun with mushrooms and onions on it. Along with a side of tomato slices.

I am in fact sick right now. And it sucks. Every time I stand up I start feeling extremely dizzy and have to lie back down, my throat is bone dry and sore as hell, and my nose is all stuffy cause I keep sneezing and it’s runny and sorta kinda extremely nasty. Ugh. I’m drinking my 3094823904th cup of chai tea right now. Hot drinks seem to make my throat feel a touch better I find…

Last night I was even worse off then I am now. The outdoor movie thing was yet again canceled and I was stuck eating chinese take out for dinner. meh. It wasn’t bad though. My mom was kind enough to go out and get me red lotus. I asked her to get me the buddha’s delight with brown rice and tofu.  It was quite yum. I didn’t take a picture of it though cause my camera was upstairs and I was downstairs…and didn’t really feel like going up the stairs to get it…lol. I’ve been really paranoid about getting enough protein recently. Hmm. Yeah, just felt like sharing that.

My friend just invited me to hang out with my other friend today! Yay! I’m not gonna have an extremely friendless weekend after all! (well, depending on if I feel better by then or not) I’ve been feeling so down and lonely lately so this is exactly what I needed. I’m feeling kind of guilty from not being able to exercise or do stretches cause of being sick. I keep telling myself if I do it will take longer for me to get better cause I’ll be straining my body…but it keeps getting to me…I’m also worried that I shouldn’t have gotten take out last night and that I ate too much but I was feeling too crappy to cook something. Being sick sucks!! And to top it off I have to finish 3 freakin’ French tests by noon today. And the tests work on none of the computers in my household. Fuck.

Why is it that we feel like we have to live a certain way?

We should all be able to be carefree. We all deserve to be carefree. No one deserves to have to deny their selves what they truly want. To live life the way we truly want. Not the way we think is “right” or “acceptable”. I’m sick of having to do things a specific way. Having to eat a specific way, specific foods, specific calories. I should be able to listen to my body and feed it when it wants to be fed, the foods that it wants to be fed. No one but myself can tell what I want and need. I feel like I’m wasting months of my life worrying about food, whether I should eat or not. Who cares about your appearance so much that you have to dedicate your whole life to being “perfect”? No one’s ever going to be “perfect”. I don’t care what your body looks like, everyone should be out there enjoying life right now. Eating whatever the hell they want and doing fun things with their friends and family. Life is short, we shouldn’t waste it worrying about trivial things such as how we appear to society. We should all be out there living life to its fullest.

Edit: I ended up being able to complete my French just in time thanks to my moms trusty netbook. Yay!


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