I love Trader Joe’s.

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It’s actually a lot better than Whole Foods. Well, I think it is. It’s a lot cheaper for one thing, and the food is pretty much the same (health wise). The only reason I’m going to Whole Foods now is for the hot bar and their vegan cookies x) the oatmeal raisin cookie is awesome, btw.

Yesterday for dinner we got Boston Market. I wasn’t really all that sure if I was gonna eat something there at first, cause it’s all mostly chicken and sweet potatoes with marshmallows baked on top of them (yeah…I’m definitely not gonna be eating that…) but then I saw that they have salads there. I got the asian salad without chicken or wontons on it. I know, I know, it sounds like an extremely disordered meal, but I also got sweet potato fries with it and ate the cornbread that came with it 🙂 the fries were really good. I’d never had sweet potato fries before so I was really excited to eat them, I wasn’t disappointed! And then yesterday during taekwondo my teacher said I was doing really well with my forms, so that made me feel happy. I’m going again today, so I’m gonna work really hard to get even better at them!

I had a sorta “deep” conversation with my mom a couple days ago about my ed. She’s been pretty understanding and it sorta surprises me that she’s been this way. I expected her not to understand why I can’t “just eat”. This makes me feel a lot better about recovering :3 oh, and we both agreed that I should never diet. Ever again. lol.

I’m using my brothers laptop right now (shh! don’t tell him!) so I can actually upload decent pictures from my camera now.

I started my day with a whole wheat pita spread with almond butter and topped with 1/2 a banana and then sprinkled with lotsa cinnamon. It was very yummy. I’ll probably be having this again 🙂

And of course, my daily cup of jasmine green tea.

Studio time was okay. Same as usual. My mom told me that I could take a break from going with her tomorrow morning but I have a feeling that hanging around home for a couple hours may be even more boring than hanging around the studio…

Snack time! My other half of the banana from breakfast. It was banana-y. (lol I’m so descriptive…)

Nothing really happened in between snack and lunch…

Lunch! was delicious. 6 soy nuggets paired with dried mango slices.

Okay, so at first I was planning to have some dahl to dip the nuggets in (yes, I’m weird like that) cause I noticed that we had a small container of it still in the fridge. So I opened it up and there was mold all over it. Sooooo nasty. Then I was like “oh! we have tomato sauce!” so I got that and opened it and there was also mold all over it. My family really needs to start taking better care of our food…haha. As a result I had to eat my nuggets plain ): oh well. After eating I did some exercises and some blog reading.

Snack! I ate this while I did my French work. I find that I usually tend to have a snack during my French stuff…hmm…

Anyway, it’s just some roasted cashews and multigrain pretzel nuggets. I liked the pretzels but the cashews tasted kinda weird O.o

After that I just finished up my French and realized that I was kinda low on calories, so I ate some more pretzels+mango+banana+couple spoonfuls of pumpkin puree (what? it’s good! lol). And now I’m writing this >3< lol I’m so paranoid that my brothers gonna come downstairs and be like “WHY ARE YOU ON MY LAPTOP” and go on a crazy rampage. He’s been pretty attached to his xbox all of today though so I think I’m safe.

I think I’m having a “fat day” today. I feel like I ate too much and that I’m becoming fat from it. I feel so crappy ): I really wanna start restricting or exercising but I also don’t want to cause that’s what I’m trying to stay away from! Argh. Anyway, here’s a picture from our beach trip:

I love the beach…<3


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