Happy (late) 4th of July!

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I spent my fourth of July at the beach. It was quite exciting. lol. The weather was awesome, it wasn’t to hot or to cold. Just…normal. And the water was soooo clear. I remember we were looking off of the pier and could literally see fish swimming around in it. We went with our friends K and I and had loads of fun running around on the beach, boogie board(ing?), and making (fail) sand castles. Oh, and burying I in the sand x) it was extremely funny when K poured water all over the sand and it hardened so I had to use a shovel to dig himself out hahahahaha. I got pretty sunburned on my legs+right side of my back (lol) so I’m really hoping I’m not in immense amounts of pain during taekwondo today x( I would post pictures of the beach now, but my laptop has been being crap for the past couple of weeks and won’t connect to the internet, so I’m using our family computer right now, which I cannot upload photos from my camera on. Ugh.


(I apologize in advance for the horrible quality of these pictures. I had to use my cellphone camera ^^;)

I started my day off with a nice warm bowl of multigrain cinnamon+apple oats and jasmine green tea. Sadly, it was my last packet ): I’ll have to venture back to fresh market and pick some more up eventually…don’t you just love my mug though?? haha. Definitely one of my favorites, next to my penguin mug, of course.

Snack time at the studio! A (slightly small) orange. We were out of asian pears (noooo) so I was only left with oranges and apples to choose from. I refuse to eat apples anymore (pretty much all I ate during my ed days >< I like to stay away from those foods…too many bad memories). Well, unless paired with almond butter :3

My after the studio foods. I usually don’t really eat lunch and instead fill up on a bunch of small “mini” meals so don’t worry, this isn’t my lunch. lol. I got some baby carrots, a generous spoonful of almond butter (trying not to measure things out anymore), and a dried pineapple ring.

French snack (I ate it while doing French. lol.) cinnamon raison granola in a small snack cup. mmmm cinnamon :3 I also had some dark chocolate. For some reason I’ve been craving it recently…it’s kinda weird cause personally I don’t really like chocolate >3< (yes, I know my blog title is very misleading.)

Just now I had a mini whole wheat pita bread and some raw almonds. Yummy.

Sorry about how boring my eats are. lol.

I’ve been thinking about my relationship with a certain friend of mine recently. We used to be best friends, like, seeing each other pretty much every weekend. She was pretty much the only person I could actually talk about my problems with and tell her my secrets. But lately we haven’t been seeing each other at all, in fact, this whole year we’ve barely seen each other. I partially blame my ed for making me anti social and making me avoid social events because I wouldn’t be able to exercise or there would be “bad” foods there. But now that I think about it…she wasn’t really there for me at all. The one time I really needed someone to be there for me and I had no one. I know she noticed my strange behavior and eating habits/compulsive exercising but instead of saying something she just stopped talking to me. In fact, she met another girl and sort of made her her “new best friend”. This sort of thing makes me realize who my true friends are I guess. I’m disappointed that of all the friends to turn on me it had to be her. I really expected her to be there for me for anything. Especially during the most painful year of my life. It sort of makes me angry that she just ditched me for some other person who she just met this year, when we’ve known each other since fourth grade, but if she’s really that type of person to just leave her supposed “best friend” in the dust while they’re suffering, then I don’t think I really want to be friends with someone like that. I think it might be best to just move on…but I’m sort of extremely shy and don’t really have that many friends to begin with )x I do have friends though…it’s just not the same as it was with her. I’ve talked to her about this too (somewhat). I told her how I feel left out sometimes when she and her other friend only talk to each other and not me, and she told me she was sorry and wouldn’t do it anymore. But of course, she did it yet again. And then she told me one day how she doesn’t really like this friend and was only being her friend cause she felt sorry for her cause her mom works everyday full time and isn’t there a lot for her (hey, same with my mom…). So apparently feeling sorry for someone and dedicating all your time for them when you don’t even like them is more important to her than making our friendship last? I hate this so much ><


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