Peanut Butter+Pretzels=Yum

June 23, 2010 at 1:22 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment
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I just got back from trader joe’s and got some unsalted peanut butter pretzel nuggets that I’m happily munching away on x) I’ve been craving these for so long, I have no idea why…but now I’m satisfied :3 I also got some cinnamon, vanilla extract and chai tea. Guess what I got them for?!


I am currently preparing myself for the most delicious oats ever tomorrow morning. It shall be a momentous event in my life >:)

And okay, I admit the reason I got unsalted pretzels was caused by ed, but you know what? I’ve gone out of my comfort zone so much these past few days. Like, if I were the me I was 5 months ago I would have flipped out and probably jumped off the empire state building O.O Yeah, even an increase of one measly calorie freaked me out. Yet today I went to an actual restaurant, let alone Mexican restaurant, and got a burrito?! I say I did a good job today, anyway ^_^

In taekwondo today I learned 8 “form steps”. I’ve been practicing them a lot to be sure that I don’t forget them *_* lol. I’ve been known to have a pretty crappy memory…>< it was a pretty good class though…despite the fact that I started getting cramps during the jog…oh well.


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