Burritos and Erasers *_*

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Well, this morning something amazing happened.

I had pumpkin pie oats for the first time in my whole life!

They were sooooo yummy. I really want more now lol. They seriously taste (almost) like actual pumpkin pie, too! Except with oatmeal, but hey, that makes it even better! x)

Pumpkin Pie Infused Oats

1/2 c multigrain oats mixed with 1 tbs maple syrup and 1 tbs pumpkin puree

Please excuse my ugly picture -3- I lack the ability to make my foods look attractive and yummy…bleh. The flavor makes up for it though, I guess :3

Onto my day…I just got back from carrburitos with my mom and brother. Yes, burritos. Mexican food, my once long term fear food has been conquered. Muahahahahahahaha. I got a burrito with black beans and veggies, with chips on the side. Well, I ate my burrito and was still hungry so you know what? I ate my chips. Plus some of the chips my mom ordered for all of us to share. I was hungry so I ate, and nourished my body like it was asking me to do. Nothing wrong with that at all ^3^ I wish that I had taken a picture of it…but I was starving from not having eaten anything at the studio earlier and ate my burrito in practically a second. Darn.

Tonight I have taekwondo, too! I didn’t do it at all last week cause I was sick, but I’m most definitely going to all of my classes this week. Also, yesterday my mom had to go to michaels (an art supply store) so she dragged me along with her =_= but then I found these…

Kawaii Japanese erasers!

Well, that’s what I call them. But aren’t they adorable?! They were on sale and I couldn’t resist, I had to buy some!! I don’t think I’ll ever use them (lol) but will keep them and awe over how adorable they are…>3<

Now for boring depressing crap that’s been on my mind lately…)x

Okay, so I have this friend who I used to be reaaaaally close to. Like, we’ve known each other since fourth grade and still hang out. But just this year we’ve been sort of not so close anymore. Sometimes I blame my ed for making me antisocial or whatever but then again most of the time I think that it’s just me. Although I can’t remember if I’ve done anything wrong or not? Agh I hate when I become distant from any of my friends…especially if it’s one of my super close friends ><

Oh! And I have a formspring!


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