Pointless Movie Was Pointless…

June 21, 2010 at 2:41 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment
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Well, my day turned out slightly different then intended…

First of all I ended up spending 3 hours at my moms art studio cause Katherine couldn’t hang out (fathers day). But after that my brother, me, and our friends K and I all went to see The A Team. It was okay…too much fighting scenes >< I still don’t even know what the point of the movie was.

During the movie I ate sour patch kids and then later some sour gummy worms. Very yummy :3 It’s okay to treat yourself once in a while, you know? I’m sure glad I did today.

For breakfast this morning I ate a snack pack of raw cashews, sweetened dry cranberries, and raw almonds. Then on the side I had a couple strawberries.

Don’t they look so delicious and beautiful?! >3< strawberry is probably my favorite flavor of anything. Especially strawberry pocky but I haven’t had that in forever.

Now dinner!

Eggplant and mushroom hot pot leftovers with brown rice on the side (unpictured). Veeeeery tasty. I want more now…):

After dinner I was still hungry (aka starving x_x) so I had a bag of roasted unsalted almonds that I got from Starbucks long ago and was yet to actually eat them…so I did! And they were pretty darn good. Much better than plain old raw almonds. I think I might start eating roasted nuts from now on…so much yummier! Almost a smoky taste? I don’t know how to describe it lol. Then just now after I got back from the movie I had some bagel crisps. Also very good. They’re kind of like chips except made of “stale” bread and shaped like bagels. I liked them a lot :3

Oh my gosh I’m so sugar high from the candy I ate today x_x I was fidgeting all throughout the movie and I think my friend K thinks that I’m crazy now xD That’s okay though cause I probably am…well I should get to bed now cause tomorrow I have to get up early and help my mom at her studio then take my French class…

Bonne nuit!


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