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Yep, that’s right. Cashews=extremely addicting. Cause I just ate a whole container of them >< I don’t regret it or feel guilty about it though (well, maybe a little at first but then my mom told me how much I needed it so now I don’t) so I’m happy :3 They were roasted, too, making them even yummier.

My eats today have been pretty boring. This morning I had an orange and packed a mini bag of raw almonds to bring to my moms studio to eat there but I ended up giving them to a little girl. Oh well, it made me feel good to do something good so that’s okay, right? x3 After I spent some time at the studio helping out, we went to fresh market and got foods. That’s where I got my container of roasted cashews and a bag of cinnamon raisin granola crisps. Very good! They’re also quite addicting lol. I had maybe half a cup of the granola crisps along with my cashews. And that’s all I’ve eaten so far today…for dinner I might have one of my Amy’s wraps that have been freezing in our freezer for quite awhile.

Gosh, I feel so weird. I thought that I would be stuffed after eating all of those cashews and granola but I’m still hungry. Argh. Damn you metabolism >3< Do you guys think that maybe after starving yourself for a long amount of time (aka eating disorder) that your metabolism revs up once you start eating normally again? Cause I definitely don’t remember needing to eat this much pre ed…x_x Maybe it’s just me lol but seriously I can eat like 2500-3000 calories and freakin’ maintain. wtf.

Anyway…another thing I’ve been thinking about is those sour patch kids I ate yesterday. No, I don’t feel guilty about it, but I was just thinking about whether or not I really wanted to eat them. Really, the only reason I ate them was cause I kinda wanted to be like “look! I do eat food!” and be a “normal teen” and all that crap. If I hadn’t been with K and I I probably wouldn’t have even gotten them…

Does anyone else ever eat foods you wouldn’t normally eat (aka “fear foods”) for that reason?

My next goal is to eat fritos at my next teen library group meeting. Each time I’ve gone to a meeting I’ve always been the only one not to eat anything. And each time my friends also comment on it. I feel so stupid >< why should I be scared of fritos?! And I can’t just tell my friends “oh, I’m scared to eat those, sorry!”

That’s pretty much all that’s been on my mind today…oh! And also at fresh market today I got some pumpkin puree so I can finally make pumpkin pie oats (which I hope to make tomorrow!) ^3^


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