Happy Fathers Day! >3<

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Today’s fathers day! I feel so bad because I saw my dad yesterday (my parents are divorced so I only see him every other Saturday…) and I totally forgot that today was fathers day! Agh I should have made him a card…or at least said something! =_=

Well, yesterday wasn’t all so bad though. It was also my half sister’s birthday! I had no idea lol (I really need to get up to date on these things ><) But my dad took us to Crabtree mall, which was an extremely awesome mall btw, and they had a hello kitty store! So cute! I got some adorable earrings there with the little black bird guy on them. We got my half sister a hello kitty stuffed toy that was also a gift card holder, two for one! I hope she likes it :3

After that I saw a store called Dalia’s (I think that’s what it was called at least…) and I got a shirt for only $7! Score! And a pair of socks for $2. Hehehehe I love finding good deals…

I was also disappointed in myself for not getting Mediterranean food at the mall -3- My brother and dad both got pizza and I was soooo hungry but resisted from getting it anyway (greasy mall food=big fear of mine). Bleh. I made up for it though by going to an (authentic!) Chinese restaurant with my mom afterwords. It was soooo yummy. I wish I had a picture of it to post on here but all I have left of my dish is left overs and it’s not very pretty anymore >< I got the eggplant and mushroom hot pot, which I strongly recommend x3 I didn’t eat any of the rice though (white rice=another big fear) so I’m gonna make my own brown rice when I eat the left overs. Some other eats were these vanilla pomegranate flavored cashews from Starbucks. So good! Then my mom dragged my brother and I to an outdoor movie (it wasn’t all that bad in the end…) and I got a bag of cashew pieces and a bumble bar original flavor at Weaver Street. I was still hungry after that so I had some crackers and a couple pieces of my moms dried pineapple rings (a little too sweet…okay though). Then when I got home I had a couple strawberries and some green tea :3

Today my plans are to hang out with my buddy Katherine. I’m hoping to go swimming or see a movie or whatever…coughcoughTOYSTORY3coughcough. Yeah, I still like Toy Story xD (and find it funny…but whatever. Don’t judge me! lol). And I’m freaking starving right now, but I’m also the only one awake in my house right now too…so getting food might be hard…dammit >< I’m really craving pretzels with peanut butter…mmmm…


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